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Goodnight Max (max And Ruby)

Consumer Rating Rating 4 stars
Goodnight Max
ASIN: 0670887072

Viking Juvenile

Author: Rosemary Wells


It's time for bed, but Max can't fall asleep.
The author is Rosemary Wells and it was published sometime in 2000 by Viking Juvenile. The board book children's book concerns Textured books along with Bedtime and Rabbits and is regarded as smart specimens. The book is 14 pages long and it contains many superbly colored illustrations.

"Goodnight, Max,"says Max's sister Ruby. First he spills a glass of water. Toddlers won't be able to resist all the tactile elements--fourteen tempting things to touch, move, even smell--while a gently humorous story makes this the perfect book for bedtime, naptime, or anytime! Will poor Max ever fall asleep? as effectively since the moon shining through his window. Rosemary Wells's beloved Max and Ruby are back in an irresistibly touchable book that is also a satisfying bedtime story. Then there are all those itchy cookie crumbs in his bed? But Max can't get comfortable.


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