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Max And Ruby's Midas: Another Greek Myth

Consumer Rating Rating 5 stars
Max And Rubys Midas Another Greek Myth
ASIN: 0803717822


Author: Rosemary Wells

Ruby tries to keep her brother Max from eating so many sweets by reading him an altered version of the story of King Midas.
Written by Rosemary Wells and it was published sometime in 1995 by Dial. This version is the 1st ed. of the book is 32 pages long and it provides a great many colorfully illustrated pictures. Attain a copy of this child's book, visit the button below.

Too numerous cupcakes are Max's concept of heaven, but his big sister, Ruby, doesn't agree. Her version tells of Little Prince Midas, who learns how to vaporize the nutritious meals that his loving family members prepares for him. To cure Max's sweet tooth, Ruby reads him the story of King Midas. Just don't get inside the way of his laser-beam eyes! Watercolor illustrations.


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