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Max's Ride (max And Ruby)

Consumer Rating Rating 4 stars
Maxs Ride
ASIN: 0803722729


Author: Rosemary Wells


When Ruby lets go of his carriage, Max races down a hill, over a bump, up in the air, down between two trees, and back into the carriage which finally stops in a pile of leaves.
The author is Rosemary Wells and it was published on the 1st of April, 1998 by Dial. The book has 12 pages and it includes loads of colorfully illustrated pictures.

On his thrilling carriage ride, Max goes down a hill, over a bump, up in the air, and back into his carriage that stops inside a enormous pile of leaves! two million! Rosemary Wells's original four Max Board Books, published in 1979 by Dial and followed by an further four in 1985, were the first high-quality board books in the U. S. and became instant classics. But a lot more important, they have been loved by millions of children. Total sales of the eight books were more than 1. These wonderful stories with true characters are funnier than ever. They are terrific first books, particularly with the increased concentrate on the significance of reading to babies and toddlers, a trigger that Mrs. Wells has been wholeheartedly promoting for a quantity of years with her The Most Important 20 Minutes of Your Day reading program and now the Prescription for Reading Initiative. For the next generation Rosemary Wells has now completely re-illustrated all eight delightful Max books in her bold, new full-color style.


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